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Ultra Mobile Marketing

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Ultra $399/mo.*
Standard PLUS
Mobile App Creation
App Tracking & Database

Bring the big guns to your mobile marketing with the ultra mobile marketing package. Combining every aspect of the mobile environment, your company will get a professionally crafted mobile website that converts customers, a unique QR code, a profit boosting SMS marketing plan, PLUS a custom mobile app and a database to store all the information gathered from your mobile marketing efforts. This is the mother of all mobile marketing plans. Customers will be able to contact your company, or make purchase no matter where they are and on any device they wish. Prepare to watch your revenue soar sky high, and your customer satisfaction will be right there with it.

Mobile apps are the mainstay of mobile marketing these days. If your company has a mobile app that is done correctly, you become the instant authority in your industry. Customers that download your app show trust in your company, and therefore will be very likely to share your company with friends and family. Your app can be made into a customer service tool, mobile game, a selling tool, or anything your company needs it to be. These mobile apps have a huge marketing potential since you can add advertisements and purchase inside the app, and track the app usage. After customers download your app, you can request their information easily and compile a database of customer contact information for more marketing purposes. The possible uses for your company's mobile app are endless, but we will help you decide on the best use for your company.

Mobile tracking and databases are a huge benefit to any mobile campaign. You can determine what exactly your app is being used for, and how long a customer has used it. We will create a custom database for your company, so that you can generate reports and lists anytime you need them. The database can store any information your company needs or wants, such as customer names, phone numbers, email addresses, the date and time they first used your app, or the last time they used it. All sorts of valuable pieces of information that can be used to structure future marketing endeavors.

The ultra mobile marketing package is the crème de la crème for mobile marketing. You will receive a full set of mobile marketing tools to take your industry by storm. If the ultra mobile marketing package is a little too much for you, try looking at the Standard Mobile Marketing package or the Basic Mobile Marketing package. All of these mobile marketing packages will provide you the best results possible.