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Ultra Jacksonville Marketing

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Ultra $159/mo.
Standard PLUS
Unlimited Print Designs
Phone Call Tracking

Here it is - the Top of the Line Traditional Marketing Plan - The Ultra Marketing Package. The upgrade that includes both the basic & standard marketing plans, but with additional benefits like the irreplaceable service to request an unlimited amount of designs for your printed media like flyers, banners, and more, & the ability to track marketing efforts via phone calls. Combine these wonderful extras with the already amazing basic & standard marketing plans, and you get a full fledged marketing campaign that is custom designed for your business, an army of expertly trained employees, hungry customers that need your company's products and services, and multiple ways to track every aspect of the campaign. This is a business owner or investor's dream come true.

Take traditional marketing to the next level with the Unlimited Print Designs feature. Whether you are looking for business cards, promotional flyers, brochures, or anything that can be printed, we'll handle it for you. Your company will get access to request any design, anytime, straight to our designers. No matter how many different designs you want, you don't worry about additional charges - it's all included!

The other feature that the Ultra marketing plan gives you is the ability to track phone calls. You will be able to track which marketing efforts are giving you the most leads simply by looking at the total calls coming through a specific phone number. The Ultra marketing package gives you one (1) number to track, but additional lines can be added easily, and for very little cost. These lines can also be recorded if you would like to ensure customers are receiving the best service possible, & to use for training new employees. This is a very useful tool for any marketing campaign, and will provide your company with valuable information month after month.

If you're not quite ready for the jump to the Ultra marketing package, then take a look at the Basic Marketing or Standard Marketing plans. Each plan offers excellent marketing capabilities, and you will get our superb customer service with any plan.