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Ultra Internet Marketing

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Ultra $299/mo.*
Standard PLUS
Expert SEO Campaign
Email Marketing Campaign

ULTRA Internet Marketing - Everything you need to be successful online. When you select this package for your Jacksonville Internet marketing needs, you will begin generating a huge customer base that will become loyal and stay loyal to your company. With the basic Internet marketing plan you'll get your professional website, tracking, and online profiles and accounts. The standard Internet marketing plan engages your customers, increases conversions, and boosts your overall ROI. The ultra Internet marketing package gives you all of that plus a custom designed, expertly delivered Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign, and an E-mail marketing campaign that will automatically keep in touch with your customers.

Every website needs some sort of SEO campaign. If your website isn't getting the traffic it needs, then there isn't much of a point to having one. Our basic Internet marketing package gives you some pretty good SEO each month, but it doesn't compare to having the expert service provided by the ultra Internet marketing plan. With the ultra Internet marketing plan we go beyond simple on-site linking and profile links, and produce an arsenal for your website. Your company's site will be published on news sites, talked about on thousands of public and private sites and networks, consistently updated with fresh content, and will simply destroy your competition. If you are looking for a boost to an old site, or need your new site to the top ranks then this is the package for you.

Since your website will be generating a lot of traffic for you with all the great services included in these Internet marketing packages, your company will certainly need an E-mail campaign to keep customers up to date on your products and services. We will create an E-mail campaign that will automatically respond to customer inquiries, and continue sending them E-mails that will remind them of your company. It will promote products, services, and specials for you automatically. This is a proven way to increase profits, and it creates more trust between customers and your company. Having an E-mail marketing campaign set up is like having a secretary on staff to contact customers 24/7.

The ultra Internet marketing package is the best way to keep your company on top of search engines, and to boost the profits from your website. If you aren't quite ready to take on all the customers you'll get from the ultra Internet marketing package, then take a peek at the Standard Internet Marketing package or the Basic Internet Marketing package. Any of these will be helpful to your Jacksonville Internet marketing campaign.