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Standard Social Marketing

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Standard $99/mo.
Basic PLUS
Customized Youtube Channel
Customized Facebook Page

When you have a social marketing campaign in place, you will be inviting customers, business partners, and other important people to your company's social pages (obviously). You want these pages to stand out the best that they possibly can, which is why the standard social marketing package is so important. The custom pages that we create for your company will show everyone that your business is the best. You can add personality and custom looks to these social media pages, along with a lot more functionality than the basic page most companies have displayed. The standard social marketing package is the perfect solution if you want to show everyone you are serious about social marketing.

Customized Youtube and Facebook pages can be developed and uploaded to your company's profile pages. We have worked on tons of different designs and applications for use on Youtube and Facebook. Facebook gives you the largest amount of leeway for customizing your pages look and feel. They allow you to add custom applications also, like interactive designs, forms, sign-up requests, and much more. Youtube only allows you to customize the look of your channel, but still gives you the ability to show your company's personality. Facebook also gives you the opportunity to add multiple custom pages, so your company can promote a variety of marketing materials like coupons, newsletters, and more.

With our standard social marketing package your company will be ahead of the competition, and you'll be getting great results out of your social marketing budget. If you just want some Basic Social Marketing then check that package out, or for more social marketing we suggest the Ultra Social Marketing package. These are the best social marketing packages available, so be sure to get started as soon as you can.