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Standard Mobile Marketing

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Standard $199/mo.*
Basic PLUS
SMS / Text Package**
Mobile Consumer Plan

As you probably know already, more and more people are using mobile devices, and businesses are taking advantage of this trend with mobile marketing. Your company needs to be in this group of mobile marketers, and we're here to help. Our standard mobile marketing package is one of the best ways to integrate mobile marketing into your business because it includes all of the basic mobile marketing services like the mobile website and QR code, but you also get Text message marketing and a completely customized strategy to engage customers who use cell phones (which is almost everyone). If your company is looking for an edge over the competition, the standard mobile marketing package is the way to go. *Some mobile sites may require additional fees depending on the features you request.

The text message plan (SMS marketing) allows customers to text your company's unique keyword to sign up to your text message list. This is an extremely beneficial marketing strategy for any business. Once the customer has signed up for your text messages, your company is in full control. You can determine what the texts say, and when they will be sent. **This package includes 500 outgoing message per month, and your unique keyword. Additional texts & keywords can be purchased. Text message marketing has had amazing results, and can give ROI's of up to 2000% or more! We strongly suggest adding SMS marketing to your marketing campaign even if it means replacing another form of marketing to stay within your budget. When you use our texting package you can have an unlimited number of customers sign up, meaning the more your company uses this, the bigger the return will be. This can be implemented with any type of media as well, so there is absolutely no reason to not start right now!

Son of a Biz Marketing's mobile consumer plan is an optimized plan that fits your business model. We will help you determine the perfect keyword for your business, and expertly create messages that will get your customers attention. Then we will set up a schedule to send these messages so that it doesn't overwhelm your subscribers. We also incorporate advertising opportunities for all of your mobile marketing needs, such as where to promote your texting plan, website, QR code, and much more. The mobile consumer plan handles every part of mobile marketing for your business. Once you go mobile, you never go back!

The standard mobile marketing package will bring your company's mobile marketing to the top of your industry. Taking advantage of the SMS marketing provided in this package will increase your sales and profits like never before. However, if you still want more check out the Ultra Mobile Marketing package. If for some reason you don't think this is what you need, and simply want the Basic Mobile Marketing package, we'll be more than happy to help you with that too.