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Standard Internet Marketing

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Standard $149/mo.*
Basic PLUS
Online Reputation Builder
Conversion Testing

The standard Internet marketing package gives you all of the benefits of the basic Internet marketing plan, but with extra help to build your online reputation and conversion testing. This Jacksonville Internet marketing package will give you exponentially better results each month. It will help customers make the decision to go with your company over your competitors, and make it easier & easier for them to make that decision.

After taking care of your company's website & online profiles, we will begin working on the reputation you have among the most popular consumer sites. Getting positive reviews to show up first, and having the sites that show positive remarks for your company appearing in search engines are the most important. The online reputation builder is a strategy that is implemented to increase customer interaction with your online sites, and helps build a positive image of your company. It is a proven fact that most people will decide to purchase from a business based on other customers reviews over a company with bad reviews or no reviews at all. We will design and implement this plan for you so that the more your reputation builds, the more likely new customers will choose you. This will keep growing each month, giving you more and more leads and profits every month.

While we are building you the best reputation possible online, your company website will definitely be getting more traffic because of all the great things being said about your business. The conversion testing will take these new customers, and put them through a variety of pages with the same goal in mind. We will track each page to determine which one is giving you the best conversions. By continuing to test your site conversions, you will be able to have the best possible outcome for acquiring new customers. Simply sit back, and watch your ROI & profits climb.

The standard Internet marketing package is a no brainer to building your company's revenue online, but if you are not quite satisfied try taking a look at the Ultra Internet Marketing package. There is also the Basic Internet Marketing package if you want to just get your feet wet with Jacksonville Internet marketing.