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Social Media Jacksonville Marketing

Social marketing has been the hype for a couple years now. If you are not familiar with it - No Worries! We've got you covered. Social marketing in a nutshell is the use of Social Media Sites, Video Marketing, Bookmarking Sites, and other real-time, interactive sites as a means of communicating with customers. A lot of people thought Social Media Marketing & sites like Facebook were going to be a quick fad, but we assure you that they are here for the long haul. If you haven't started some type of social marketing for your business, then it's time to start now! You will already be leagues behind any competitor who has been using social marketing, and you don't want to stay behind in the future.

Son of a Biz Marketing has created some of the best techniques for utilizing your social marketing to reach the highest amount of people possible. Starting out with the basics like Facebook & Twitter accounts will get the ball rolling, but really mastering the social environment takes time and practice. We can help you with any of it, from customizing a Facebook fanpage to generating millions of followers. No matter what people tell you, there is a magic formula, and we've got it!

Video marketing is another form of social marketing, and is best performed with the assistance of Youtube. The idea behind video marketing is to make people comfortable with your brand, product, and services by viewing them online. People are watching Millions of hours of video online every month, and it's still growing! By concentrating some time and marketing effort into online videos, your company can become the authority of your industry very quickly. Customers will find your videos, share them with family and friends, and begin to trust your company. Creating a video marketing campaign can give your business that extra boost to obtain customers over your competition.

For more information about Social Marketing contact us to get started, or check out our Free Marketing tools page. Son of a Biz Marketing will show you the way to creating and running a successful social marketing campaign. With our knowledge & services your business will lower your marketing costs, & greatly increase profit margins. Choose from the basic social marketing, standard social marketing, or ultra social marketing packages above to start your Social Marketing Campaign.