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Mobile Jacksonville Marketing

Free Iphone Giveaway!...might be what we would say if we were trying to get a list of customers interested in modern technology. Mobile Marketing is the newest of marketing techniques. Using new trends like Text message marketing & QR codes gets your company right in the hands of millions of cell phone users. With all the new smart phones on the market customers can access your website (or mobile site), Facebook page, advertisements, and much more in the palm of their hand.

The newest and most responsive of all mobile marketing is Text Message Marketing or SMS Marketing. The concept of text message marketing is to give customers a reason to join your texting list by subscribing via a shortcode to receive discounts or exclusive bonuses. Your company can reserve a keyword on our shortcode service, which customers can text to opt in to your texting list. For example, your company chooses the keyword "freebie", then you advertise your new text campaign on your website, store front, receipts, etc. and customers see it and text "freebie" to our shortcode "77948." This sends them text messages automatically or manually from your company. It can send coupons, tips, or information anytime you want. This is the most effective mobile marketing method because over 90% of texts are read within 15 minutes, and text message marketing has over a 20% conversion rate most of the time.

More mobile marketing techniques are utilizing QR codes & promoting a mobile website. QR codes can be used in almost any advertisement, and allows customers with smart phones to access information you provide with the unique QR code. You can have the code send them to a website, video, coupon, call you directly, or many other options. Mobile websites can be specially advertised with mobile only searches online. With these mobile only ads, users can click to get directions straight to your store or office, click to call, or view a mobile optimized website. Visit our Pay Per Click Campaigns for more information.

If you are looking at adding a Mobile Marketing campaign to your business simply choose a package at the top of this page to get started. The choices for mobile marketing packages are basic, standard, or ultra. You can also get mobile marketing services individually if you would like. We can help you implement a successful mobile marketing campaign within your budget. We strongly suggest adding a Text Messaging campaign as soon as possible because it is a low expense - high return investment, and you can begin using it the same day you sign up.