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Jacksonville Marketing

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Jacksonville Marketing

Son Of A Biz Marketing is a cutting edge marketing company based out of Jacksonville, FL. We have a caring & nurturing attitude when it comes to working with your business. We provide our marketing services on a personal level because we want you to succeed, and we want you and your employees to fully understand all the concepts we suggest. Think of us like family...we'll do whatever it takes for your business to succeed.

Marketing involves many different aspects of business. We offer a lot of different services & ideas for traditional marketing & internet marketing. Traditional marketing is still a very important part of operating any business. Tradtional marketing includes marketing tactics like generating word of mouth, networking, and print media...which have been around for ages. Some beneficial methods would be connecting with local networking groups like the Chamber of Commerce & BNI, setting up referral programs with likely partner businesses, and giving customers superior service to boost positive referrals & reviews. These are critical parts to a successful business plan, and should be included in your marketing approach.

The entire world is turning to technology to make things faster, easier, and overall more convenient for consumers. With all of these changes, your business can have some trouble taking care of its daily tasks, along with learning all the new trends to keep up with. If you haven't noticed, a lot of businesses are online...creating their online stores, using Facebook, along with many other Internet marketing approaches to reach more customers. If your company isn't online yet, then that is probably why you are here. You want to learn what's so great about Internet Marketing. Your business might be doing fine without Internet marketing, but imagine gaining access to a world-wide customer base? If you can sell something out of your store front, why not sell it to millions of people willing to pay shipping? Not everyone lives within 30 minutes of cool shops and malls, or even within an hour for that matter. Internet marketing for your business isn't only for selling products though. You can also provide customers with crucial help, information, & services immediately, and without paying someone an hourly wage to do it.

At Son of a Biz Marketing, we facilitate many streams of marketing to get your business in front of customers. Our Internet marketing plans include website design, social media, search engine optimization, and much more. Be sure to check out our Internet marketing services page. Mobile marketing focuses on connecting with customers through their cell phones. This can be accomplished by creating mobile apps, mobile websites, click-to-call advertisements, and text message marketing. Text message marketing is currently the best option for getting a very high return on investment (ROI). To learn more about Mobile Marketing, visit our Mobile Marketing page. Social media marketing is a technique that can be combined with Internet marketing to provide a more successful campaign. It can also help build relationships with customers by allowing them to connect with you or a representative from your company. Get more information on our Social Marketing. For traditional marketing, check out our variety of plans. We offer the basic marketing, the standard marketing, and the ultra marketing packages.