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Jacksonville Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is extremely important to practically any business that wants to succeed or expand. It is a practice that involves a lot of different techniques that can be performed in a variety of ways. Almost every person or company that designs Internet marketing campaigns does so in different ways, & with different strategies. Some are wrong and some are right. Son of a Biz Marketing takes pride in using all white hat methods (approved by search engines like Google), and having a 100% success rate of getting our clients highly ranked for their most profitable search terms.

Website Design is the foundation of an Internet marketing campaign. It should be the starting point for any business looking to expand their customer base online. A website design needs to have easy to read information, well organized features, and attention grabbing calls to action. Customers do not like to view sites that are too colorful or "out there" because it's hard to find what they are looking for, and can cause frustration when they're trying to navigate the site. Your features & links should be well organized. If you are selling products, a design should compliment images & information about the products, not one over the other or too much of both. Having a call to action is very important on any company's website, but making sure the call to action is noticeable & expertly delivered will increase your conversions. This is a very important aspect for a company website. You'll also want to use your website design to show your company's 'personality' on the Internet.

Another Internet marketing technique, and one of the most important, is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO helps your website rise to the top ranks in search engines when a customer types a specific term. SEO is an advanced & complex strategy when done correctly. There are many factors that influence the SEO campaign for your business. The wording within your website design affects it, the amount of sites talking about your website & what they say about it, the amount of people that visit your site, and much more. Son of a Biz Marketing is an expert when it comes to developing a successful Search Engine Optimization plan for your business. It's important to have an SEO strategy that targets a wide range of preferred search terms, so that customers find your website before your competitors no matter what they search.

We also handle Pay Per Click (PPC) accounts for you, so that you can obtain a larger audience of customers practically instantly. Ask us about getting $100 in free advertising by setting up your PPC campaign with us. PPC campaigns can be very effective at jumpstarting business, among many other services like social marketing, article marketing, link building, and many more. Ask us what your Internet marketing campaign should involve, and we'll get you on the right path. Don't forget to check out the basic Internet marketing, standard Internet marketing, and ultra Internet marketing packages above.