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Basic Mobile Marketing

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Basic $79/mo.*
Mobile Website
Tracking & Analytics
Custom QR Code

Mobile marketing is all the craze these days. If your company hasn't started some type of mobile marketing campaign, then you are behind the times. Hopefully you are here to get started on a mobile marketing campaign, or to get some help with a campaign you've already started. Our basic mobile marketing package includes a mobile website customized to fit your needs, a QR code to use anywhere, and tracking to see what is working for you. Keep reading to get more information regarding these individual services.

Our mobile website designs are created to work on any type of mobile device. We use similar strategies when developing the mobile site as we do in our Internet marketing packages for regular sites, giving you excellent customer interaction and conversions. These mobile websites will give customers that are on the go an easy to read website, and get them to contact you directly without leaving the site. With 87% of the world's population owning and operating a mobile phone, your company has to get a mobile website before you start losing customers. At the rate things are going, over the next couple years more people will visit websites on mobile devices than any other device. *Some mobile sites may require additional fees depending on the features you request.

QR codes are another way to interact with mobile users. People who own a smart phone (almost half of all cell phone owners) can simply scan the QR code, and it can interact with them in a variety of ways including: visit a mobile site, make a call, send a text, play a video, open a coupon, and many more. All of this would be under your control. Add the tracking capabilites of our package, and you will see how many people visit your mobile site, scan your code, and much more. These services are a necessity for any mobile marketing campaign.

The basic mobile marketing package is a great opportunity for your company to break into the mobile marketing arena. If you really want to take advantage of the huge customer base using mobile devices, then sign up for one of our upgraded mobile marketing packages. The Standard Mobile Marketing package or the Ultra Mobile Marketing package. Any of these will be a great help for your mobile marketing campaign.