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Basic Jacksonville Marketing

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Basic $69/mo.
Customized Marketing Plan
Monthly Strategy Meeting
ROI Reporting

The Basic Marketing Package Includes a lot of great services at one low, affordable price. It starts you off with a customized marketing plan to help get your business on track for more customers. This marketing plan will begin with deciding on what goals you want to achieve, and in what ways you would like to obtain them. We will provide you with various options from our vast marketing tactics, and help you implement them into your everyday business. We will help you decide what would be best for your particular business, and determine the cost per acquisition using the methods that are decided to be the best.

The monthly strategy meeting will be used to cover what was done in the previous month, what to work on or improve in the future, new methods to implement & how to implement them, and much more. We will take an in depth look at your business operations, and determine what should be focused on to help improve marketing results. This meeting can also include some demonstration & training for the methods being used, as well as covering any questions or concerns you or employees may have.

The Return On Investment (ROI) Report will help track your monthly endeavors. Using information that your company provides about the marketing costs of different marketing tactics, we can display what marketing efforts are giving you the most bang for your buck. Most of this can be tracked on our end, but some financial information may need to be provided by you. This report will give great insight into your marketing campaign, and will allow you to fluctuate costs and efforts into more effective campaigns.

The Basic Marketing Package is a great deal, but if you need more marketing services check out the Standard Marketing or Ultra Marketing packages.