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5 Reasons to Choose Son of a Biz Marketing

-No Long Term Contracts. Our services are month to month so you are not stuck in year long contracts.
-Guaranteed Results. If our services don't provide results, we'll refund your money.*
-Honest & Dependable. We provide all tracking information to keep you updated on what's being done for your company.
-Highly Experienced. We bring years of experience to boost your company's revenue.
-Superior Service. We strive to provide superior support for you & your employees. No one treats you as great as we do.

Jacksonville Marketing CEO

A Few Words From The CEO

Welcome to SonofaBiz.com, and thank you for your interest in our company. Don't let our name fool you. We mean business, and we will prove it. My name is Jordan Martin, and I started Son of a Biz Marketing because I have met too many business owners who have been taken advantage of when it comes to marketing services. I'm disgusted at the image that Internet marketing gets because of these bad companies that try to make a quick buck, and in the process destroys a business owner's trust in marketing companies. Son of a Biz Marketing is based on the principles of trust and honesty. We are not in the business of scamming local companies. We are here to provide services that go above and beyond any service you have had before us. We will help with almost any aspect of your business, so that you and your employees better understand every concept to help grow your business.

At Son of a Biz, we pride ourselves in giving professional marketing services at affordable prices. Marketing companies that charge $100+ an hour for website work generally give mediocre results and use site templates, so your site is going to look just like every other site they've created. We offer fully customizable websites at a price that is reasonable and fair. We don't try to pull the wool over your eyes. We offer full disclosure to companies we work with, and will show you any report at any time. That's the reason we can offer a guarantee on our work. We know our tactics work, and when you choose us as your marketing company you will get results.

Thank you again for your interest in our marketing services. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about anything on our site. If you are needing to start a marketing campaign, or you're sick and tired of getting the run-around from other marketing companies, give us a call. I promise - it will be the best decision you'll make for your company. Feel free to contact me at anytime regarding anything you or your business needs at [email protected].

Jordan Martin

P.S. If you are currently using another marketing company, but you aren't completely happy with them, then ask us about a 100% FREE, no obiligation trial of our services. We will work out a trial package specifically for your company, and show you exactly how a real marketing company works for you.

*Some fees are not refundable like design time and some services, but any marketing services like social media, SEO, or any of our marketing techniques that don't provide results will be refunded to your company. We pride ourselves on providing results. It's our job to make your company more money, so if we don't deliver results, we feel you shouldn't have to pay us.